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It's our goal at Karnext to always provide great service and high-quality workmanship at a fair price. We keep 100% customer satisfaction as our top priority.
We constantly invest in the
latest scan tools
, equipment, and have online access to all
domestic and import
manufacturers. This means regardless of the make and style of the vehicle you drive, we can provide the service you need at a price you can afford. 

PCM/ECU Programming & Reflashing

domestic vehicles
built since 1996 have computers that can be
reprogrammed. PCM reprogramming
may be required for a variety of reasons. One is when a
vehicle sets false trouble codes
. The original factory program may be overly sensitive or not take into account wear or other factors that may affect
the operation of certain sensors or the OBD II monitors
What works fine in a brand new car may not work so great after 50,000 or 100,000 miles.
Changing the fuel enrichment curve
spark timing
or some
emission control function
slightly may be necessary to eliminate a hesitation,
spark knock
or other condition that develops over time.

For example, on certain
GM vehicles the Check Engine light comes on and sets a code P1406 that indicates a fault in the position of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. Cleaning or replacing the EGR valve and clearing the code does not fix the vehicle because the code usually returns. The real problem is the OBD II program in the car's PCM. When the PCM commands the EGR valve to open to check its operation, it isn't allowing enough time for the valve to respond. A brand new valve takes only about 50 milliseconds to open but an older valve may take up to 350 milliseconds or longer which isn't long enough to cause a real NOX emissions failure but is long enough to trip a fault code. The fix in this instance is to reflash the PCM with new calibration that allow more time for the EGR valve to respond

Automotive  Diagnostics

We are equipped with
dealer scanners for many makes such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus Audi and VW cars
. By having the same
diagnostic equipment
that manufacturers supply to the dealers, we are able to provide like for like
car diagnostic services
at a much more reasonable rates.  

Chrysler & Dodge  Diagnostic as an Example:

We have the capability to do a full diagnostic of any Chrysler, Jeep & dodge vehicle. We provide a
printout of the diagnostic results
so that the customer knows what's wrong with the vehicle. If the results show that a
PCM, TCM, Airbag module or any other module needs to be replaced we can replace it and program it
if the customer choose to let us do it. The other option is that the customer can buy a
used PCM, TCM
..., bring it to us and we can program it.

Used Chrysler PCMs

are much more cheaper that new ones from the dealer.
Chrysler/ Dodge dealers do not program used ECUs
. They will tell you that they cannot do it.
We can
program/Reflash Chrysler/Dodge PCMs and change the VIN number to match your vehicle's VIN #

We are using some of the

latest car diagnostics tools

including dealer scanners, key cutting & key programming equipment

.  We can

program keys

to most cars if the keys have been lost, stolen or you just need a spare.  We can also

delete unwanted or lost keys

out of your

car's immobilizer system


Some vehicles such as

older Acura, Honda, Toyota and Lexus

require the replacement of either the engine control unit or
the immobilizer unit
if all keys are lost. That's what the dealer will tell you. 

We can make keys for these old cars without replacing any units saving you a lot of money.

Nowadays most cars no longer have a regular key; instead most of them have an additional
electronic security element
, the most popular one being a


. Other more
advanced keys
are actually

key fobs

, which are a 100% electronic key.  There is no more inserting a key and turning it.  Also, some cars come along with

smart keys

.  These keys also are completely electronic.  They look like a credit card.  You simply insert the card in the designated slot and press the start button.

all modern vehicles
now incorporate an
immobilizer system
making today's vehicles hard to steal. They use a
tiny transponder chip inside the key that must be programmed to the vehicle
. The
engine management system
reads the chip inside the key and if it recognizes it as the correct key, it allows the vehicle to start otherwise the car will be disabled.  This type of security system was introduced since about 1995 and it's still evolving today.
are concealed inside the body of the key. Some of them are integrated into the circuit board of the remote and others are either glass or carbon.

If you decide to
replace lost car keys or remotes
at your local car dealer, you will be broke before you know it.  Not only are their prices are ridiculous, they also take a long time.

We look forward to serving your vehicle diagnostic needs. THANK YOU!

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